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Surreal Hotel Stories

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Client: The Collectionist Hotel

Agency: We are Why

Producer: The Creative Imagineers

Photographer: Sean Condon

Wardrobe & Props: Lucia Arias-Martinez

H&MU: Esteban Mena

A boutique hotel opting away from standardised décor in rooms, The Collectionist commissioned seven designers from four leading design studios, and 13 artists, to create 39 individually designed rooms and lobby space that allows guests to choose their room based on the style, colour, texture and design.

My job was to create six eccentric and distinctive characters to reflect the chosen rooms; the female warrior, the moroccan artist, the ballerina dancer, the contortionist, the musician and the blogger.

Anecdote: A lot of the accessories and clothes for this job were custom made by me and my 84 year old mother who was visiting from Buenos Aires knitted a few hats that I had envisioned for the artist character.

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