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    Turn Yo Volume Up

    Client: LG

    Agency: Tonic

    Creative Director: Alan Crowne

    Photographer: John Feely

    Director: Davros

    Wardrobe: Lucia Arias-Martinez

    Hair & Make-Up: Tammi Hendricks

    Props: Carlu Seaver

    A revolution in audio, LG’s new ‘Freestyler’ boom box boasts 600 watts of untethered power, a dazzling range of lighting and DJ effects and even a karaoke feature. In other words, it’s an all in one party machine.

    My job was to create three funny nerd-like characters: the retro gym, the vintage geek and the 80's DJ to promote the Freestyler’s cool tech and features.

    Anecdote: Most of the accessories and clothes came from the vintage store.

    #LGXBoomFreestyler #WardrobeStylist #WardrobeAdvertising