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When Bold and Smooth Collide

Client: Nestle

Product: Nescafe

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney

Production: Prodigious

Director: Dave Klaiber

Wardrobe & Props: Lucia Arias-Martinez

Hair & Make-up: Tracey de Vries

Safety Officer: Ray Anthony

Nescafe Blend43 6s Bumpers

I had to create six different characters that were Bold & Smooth at the same time in a comical way so it had to be over the top but cool at the same time. Attention to detail is essential when creating each individual persona as it needs to communicate in a few seconds exactly what it is. I personally love this process of bringing to life the agency's creative and director's idea.

Not only did I do the wardrobe but the props, except for the amazing cat sculpture that had to be done by a professional ice sculpting artist and the creme brûlée's that were made by an amazing chef.

Anecdote: The sunglasses wore by the fashion character were kindly lent to me by another wardrobe stylist who custom made them with Swarovski crystals worth more than $1000.

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