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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Client: Selected China

Agency: Think & Through China

Production Partner: Redorfe Singapore

Production: Chee Productions

Photographer: Tomo Brejc

Model: Clement Chabernaud & Emily Baker

Wardrobe: Lucia Arias-Martinez

Make-up: Annabel Barton

Hair: Gavin Anesbury

Selected SS15 campaign "New World"

My job was to create looks for Emily to complement Clement's styling as the female collection was not ready to be launched but they wanted to introduce the idea of it. She had to be confident, elegant and timeless without overshadowing Clement so simplicity was key.

We also had to shoot on Clement around 70 looks in 4 days, not an easy task but being OCD organised was a priority to push through prepping the looks, alterations and movement in between locations (amazing assistants are a must if you ask me).

Anecdote: Clement's caring and funny personality made this job much more easier and the 15 hour days much more enjoyable.

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